Tomcil, The Young Prince and The Caliph | Children’s Story

Once upon a time Tomcil got stranded in a palace and made friend with a young prince who lived alone with his father, the caliph, after his mother died. The caliph married again but his new wife was often unkind to the prince. The caliph didn’t care much and this made the young prince very unhappy.

The-Caliph-and-The-Young-Prince-tomcil-storytelling-for-children-stories 1On the 15th day of the month of Sha’aban, the young prince said to Tomcil   “ I don’t want to stay here anymore. I want to run away into the jungle because nobody here cares about me!” Tomcil did not want anything happen to the young prince, and decided to follow him.

After a long time, they came to a grand palace which belonged to a lonely ghoul. “This is the awful ghoul’s palace,” whispered the prince to Tomcil, “but we are very hungry and cold and he might be asleep. Let’s sneak in and rest till the morning.”  Unfortunately the ghoul wasn’t asleep. He was watching them.

The prince found a bed and fell asleep. When he woke up, he was surrounded by golden prison bars: he was in a jail! The ghoul said, “I know all about your evil step-mother. Your father doesn’t love you. I’m lonely, so I’ll keep you here as my pet!”
The little prince pleaded with the ghoul to set him free. Finally, the ghoul growled, “I’ll send your cat home. If the caliph misses you, he’ll follow the cat back here and save you. If not, you’ll spend the rest of your life here!” Tomcil raced to the caliph’s palace.

The-Caliph-and-The-Young-Prince-tomcil-storytelling-for-children-stories 2Since his son had run away, The Caliph cried and prayed every night that he would see him before the holy month of Ramadan. On the last morning of Sha’aban, he felt that his son was close. He opened the window and found Tomcil sitting on the front yard, meowing asked The Caliph to follow Tomcil ! He knew that he had to do what Tomcil asked him but it was really dark.

Tomcil then had an idea, he suggested that everyone in the palace hold a candle and light the way for the grieving father. In minutes the news spread. Every man, woman and child held a candle and followed the caliph.

Tomcil, The Young Prince and The CaliphOn their way the children sang songs to celebrate the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. The prince heard the songs and saw the light from his prison window. He knew it was his father. The ghoul was touched by the whole scene. He whispered, “I was mistaken. Your father deserves a second chance. Go back home.”
The young prince was reunited with his father. They returned to the caliph’s palace and fasted together on the first day of Ramadan . To reward his loyal subjects, The Caliph gave them gold lanterns to put outside their houses. Then he ordered his ministers to light the streets and mosques with colourful lamps.

Since that day children have bought lanterns to mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan .



Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Muslims are required to fast during this month. The fast is to abstain from food, drink, anger and marital relationship from dawn until sunset. Muslims are also encouraged to increase in their worship in general and also the recital of the Holly Qur’an. In a accordance with the practice of Prophet Mohammad, charity is also encouraged in this month.

Tomcil wishes all Muslims around the world : ” Have a blessed and a peaceful Ramadan ” 

Tomcil, The Young Prince and The Caliph | Children’s Story

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