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The big jungle did not make Tomcil feel small and afraid of any other bigger animals who wanted to eat him. He was smart and strong and always managed to get away.

But being alone was never Tomcil strong suit, that was the reason why he would find a way to make a friend. This time with Kancil, an orphaned baby mouse deer that he happened to encounter in the middle of nowhere.

tomcil-mouse-deer-and-tiger-storytelling-for-children-1Lately, Tomcil had been observing this hungry tiger who had not been eating for days and was wandering for food . This tiger had been stalking Tomcil and his new friend, Kancil

One day when Tomcil and Kancil were drinking at the small lake the tiger approached them wanting to eat them.

Tiger smile, “Hmmm yummy… Finally, I get my lunch”

Tiger slowly ducked, crawl, and held his breath and then “GOTCHA” said the tiger. He grabbed Kancil’s legs. Kancil was trembling, Tomcil was really shocked witnessing it, but tried to stay calm and thinking of a quick plan to rescue Kancil. He looked around and suddenly got an idea!.

Tomcil yelled “Hey tiger! My name is Tomcil and that is my friend Kancil, I know you are hungry and want to eat my friend, but The King would be furious if he knew this .”

“Why ? The King knows that I eat meat !.”

Tomcil explained, “Kancil and I guard King’s cake, it’s very delicious, and nobody can eat it but The King and his family”. Tomcil then pointed at one big black lump, near the lake, of course, it did not look delicious at all, but the tiger was curious.

tomcil-mouse-deer-and-tiger-storytelling-for-children-2“Don’t be fooled by its appearance, it tastes very yummy. That’s why it meant so much for The King. And you won’t get hungry for a month after you eat it. I tasted it once.”

Tigers mouth watered, “Can I taste it?”

“No way!! The King will punish us !”

” Last time when we tasted it . The King said he would kill both of us if anything happened to the cake again”!

” Can I please just have a little bite, just a little.. The King will never know!” begged tiger.

“Well then. You don’t give us much choice tiger. You can have the cake, but first, let both of us run far away from here so the King won’t be able to blame us!” Tomcil said.

“All right. Now both of you go!” Tiger was really hungry. He could not wait any longer to eat King’s cake.

Tomcil took Kancil to a save distance away from the tiger. But they still could watch how tiger eagerly took the piece of the cake.

“Weewww….This is not cake, it’s buffalo dung! I’ll get you Tomcil ! Both of you ! Just watch !”

tomcil-mouse-deer-and-tiger-storytelling-for-children-3Tomcil and Kancil laughed out loud. Tomcil was able to keep the orphaned baby mouse deer safe for now and even taught him some tricks. Kancil needed to learn because one day Kancil might meet face to face with tiger again alone.
A week later when Tomcil and Kancil were relaxing, they saw tiger approached them. Tomcil quickly whispered to Kancil, ” Now its your turn to learn to fool him, just look around you, and think of an idea to trick him!”

Kancil looked around quick and saw a wasp nest and said: “We can’t be your lunch now, The king has ordered us to guard his drum!”

“His drum?” Tiger was puzzled.

“Yes, The King’s drum creates a beautiful sound when we hit it, it’s so beautiful you will enjoy it and will forget that you are hungry!” Kancil calmly explained.

tomcil-mouse-deer-and-tiger-storytelling-for-children-4“Oh really ? can I hit it? ” Asked tiger.

“Of course not! The King will be mad at us! Said Kancil

“Oh c’mon , please let me hit it just a little, The King will never know!” Begged tiger.

“All righty then if you insist, first let us run away from here, so The King will not blame us!” Tricked Kancil.

“Ok, hurry.. go .. go .. both of you!” Yelled Tiger, and as soon as Tomcil and Kancil were out of sight, tiger then reached up to the wasp net and hit it .Buuuzzzzz…. , “Ouch! that is not a drum! Its a wasps nest ! They fooled me again!” Tiger ran as fast as he could but the wasps kept chasing after him until he got close to the lake and jumped into the lake and stayed there for a long time.

Tomcil felt somewhat relief knowing that the orphaned baby mouse deer has learned how to survive so that Tomcil could leave Kancil to live by himself and be independent.


TOMCIL, MOUSE DEER AND TIGER | Storytelling for Children

TOMCIL, MOUSE DEER AND TIGER  | children’s books, storytelling & stories for kids, children’s books, storytelling & stories for kids. TOMCIL, MOUSE DEER AND TIGER  | children’s books, storytelling & stories for kids, children’s books, storytelling & stories for kids. TOMCIL, MOUSE DEER AND TIGER  | children’s books, storytelling & stories for kids

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