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Although New Zealand is one of the most isolated countries in the world it is one of the top tourist destinations.

She was lucky to have skated and travelled this beautiful country, spending many years in boots, training hard, often before school and after school and then after dinner again.
Puss in Boots storytelling for children www.tomcil.comHer parents decided they must buy a caravan, as often they were travelling weekends for this little cougar to compete.

Both her parents were passionate children themselves, her mum an aspiring British actress who was at 15 years old an extra in the famous movie ‘Red Shoes’ and her dad a high achieving sports person in tennis, softball and rugby but whose own parents made them give up due to financial restraints and mindset rather than work hard for their children to make their dreams come true.

So of course, they became absolutely dedicated parents to this mischievous, push the boundaries puss in boots.
She loved to perform but loved the adventures as much. Her parents lived their lives through her after being denied success themselves. Her personality won the hearts of many but she never felt she was quite good enough, ever, for her father.

She dreaded second place when competing. She feared the dialogue that would come between her father and herself. He’s 90 today and still to this day does not realise how he shaped this middle child into a cougar who runs the marathon of life at the speed of a wild cat.
In hindsight, they were extremely proud but children and teenagers tend to hear the negatives, not the positives which of course remains through to adulthood.

Puss in Boots storytelling for children www.tomcil.com

Puss in Boots | Storytelling for Children www.tomcil.com

Puss in Boots | children’s books, storytelling & stories for kids Puss in Boots | children’s books, storytelling & stories for kids

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