LOUIS, The crooked ear cat.

After Tomcil’s brother Louis got the news that Tomcil is celebrating Eid al-Fitr on his journey with his friends and he is not coming home for Eid al-Fitr, Louis and his sister Irene made a plan to surprise his pap and ma-meow by inviting their friends for Eid dinner party.

louis cracked ear storytelling for children story for kidIt was the morning of Eid.  Louis  was in the garden. There was a nice breeze that blew the pretty flowers. There were red roses, white jasmines and pretty daisies. Dara, the white dove flew past. “Assalamu Alaikum Louis.. Happy Eid!” Mr. Bunny also came hopping down the path. He didn’t see  Louis until he bumped right into him.. “Oh! Assalamu Alaikum!” Sorry I bumped into you but I have to get ready for my guests!”

 “Oh dear,” said Louis. “I forgot that everyone is coming to my house tonight for Eid dinner! Louis  ran down the path to the house to remind his sister Irene. Louis ran so  quickly and bumped into a tree and hit Louis  right ear . “Ouch!” Louis was in pain. “My ear .. my ear .. it hurts!” Just then, nying-nying the rat and his sister tee-kush were walking down the road. They tried to help Louis to ease the pain. They sniffed  and they licked and licked Louis ear. “Is your ear feeling better?” but Louis right ear is crooked now! “How awful! My right ear! NOW what am I going to do?” “I’m sorry!, said nying-nying and tee-kush . “I’ll go and buy you some wig or hat to cover your ear.” “That’s OK. It was my fault after all, Louis told Nying-nying. So, with crooked ear Louis continue walking and went into his house,

louis cracked ear storytelling for children story for kid“Hmmm…”said Louis. “There is fog in the house. I can’t have that at Eid dinner.” He opened up the window to shoo the fog out. But the fog would not go away.  Louis could not see clearly . So he went into the kitchen to make Eid dinner. He bumped into the stove and hit his right ear again! Then he bump into the refrigerator and AGAIN hit the same ear for the third time. “Oh NO! This is not happening! Now what shall I do?” Louis went to the bed room to find a mirror, he is curious to see how his right ear looks like. He freaked out to find out his right ear is crooked even more!

louis cracked ear storytelling for children story for kid 1Louis  became so upset and started to cry. Big, wet tears rolled down his cheeks and splattered on the floor. How could I face my friends with crooked ear like this? Just then, he heard a knock on the door. “Who is it?” He asked. He wiped his tears, he saw Irene, Dara, Mr. Bunny, Nying-nying, Tee-Kush, and many other friends! They all came and consoled his heart. “Don’t worry about your ear, you are still our friend no matter how you look, and you are beautiful inside out !” And they all had something tasty with them. Louis was so touched and grateful to have wonderful friends. “How lovely! Now its time to get my pap and ma-meow, so all of us can have Eid dinner!”

With everyone’s help it turned out to be one of the greatest Eid’s ever.


louis cracked ear storytelling for children story for kid 1Eid al-Fitr is a very important Islamic celebration. It happens at the end of Ramadan. People cook lots of food and cookies and dress in their best clothes and put lights and decorations on their homes.

Many streets have fairs with music, dancing, and fireworks.

Children don’t get presents, but they do get money. TOMCIL spends the money to buy more cat food and share them with the stray cats around the world.  To TOMCIL Eid al-Fitr is about thanking and giving.

TOMCIL wishes all muslims around the world : 

” Happy Eid al-Fitr, God Bless us all “

LOUIS, The crooked ear cat.

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