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He picked it up and ran to the cave’s opening and shouted to the ‘merchant’, “I have your lamp. Can you please pull me out?” “Give me the lamp,” said the ‘merchant’.

Tomcil was exploring his own continent , Asia where he got stranded in China and made friend with a poor boy, whose name was Aladdin. He lived with his mother. One day a rich and distinguished looking man came to their house and said to Aladdin’s mother, “I am a merchant from  the Middle East, and want your son to come with me to Aqrabah, Baghdad . I will reward him handsomely.” Aladdin’s mother instantly agreed. Little did she know that the man pretending to be a rich merchant was, in reality, a magician. storytelling for children aladdin geenie

Next day, Aladdin having packed his belongings left with the ‘merchant’. And with curiosity, Tomcil followed them. After many hours of traveling the ‘merchant’ stopped. Aladdin & Tomcil too stopped, surprised that they should stop in such a desolate spot. He looked around; there was nothing in sight for miles.

The ‘merchant’ pulled out some colored powder from his pocket and threw to the ground. The next instant the whole place was filled with smoke. As the smoke cleared, Aladin saw a huge opening in the ground; it was a cave. The ‘merchant’ turned to him and said, “I want you to go inside this cave; there will be more gold than you have ever seen; take as much as you want. You will also see an old lamp; please bring that back to me. Here, take this ring; it will help you.” Tomcil was very suspicious and touched Aladdin hand with his paw trying to tell him not to do it but Aladdin decided to do as was told.

He lowered himself into the cave, thinking all the while that it would be difficult to climb out without help. Aladdin entered the cave and Tomcil followed after him, just like the ‘merchant’ had said saw gold, jewelry, diamonds and other valuables. He filled his pockets. When this was done, he looked for the lamp; it was lying in the corner, full of dust and dirty. He picked it up and ran to the cave’s opening and shouted to the ‘merchant’, “I have your lamp. Can you please pull me out?” “Give me the lamp,” said the ‘merchant’. Aladdin was not sure that he would be pulled out if he gave back the lamp; so he said, “First, please pull me out.”
tomcil-storytelling-for-children-aladdinThis angered the ‘merchant’. With a loud cry, he pulled out the same colorful powder and threw it on the cave opening, sealing it with a huge boulder. Aladdin was depressed. He thought, “That was no rich merchant, he was surely a magician. I wonder why this lamp was so important to him.” As he was thinking he rubbed the lamp.

All of sudden a strange mist filled the room and from the mist emerged a strange looking man. He said, “My master, I am the genie of the lamp, you have rescued me, what would your wish be?” Aladdin was scared but he said in quivering voice, “Ta.. Take me & Tomcil back home.”

And the next moment Aladin was home hugging his mother with Tomcil in his arm. He told her of the magician and the lamp. Aladdin again summoned the genie. This time when the genie appeared he was not scared. He said, “Genie, I want a palace, not an old hut.” Again to Aladdin and his mother’s amazement in front of them was a magnificent palace where He, his mother and Tomcil then stayed.

Time went by. Aladdin’s mother passed away. Then he married the Sultan’s daughter and was very happy. It so happened that the evil magician got to know of Aladdin’s good fortune. He came by Aladdin’s palace pretending to exchange old lamps for new. The princes, not knowing the value of the lamp to Aladin called out to the magician to wait. storytelling for children aladdin geenieAs soon as the magician saw the lamp he grabbed it from the princess’ hand and rubbed it. The genie appeared, “you are my master and your wish is my command,” he said to the magician. “Take Aladdin’s palace to the great desert far away from here,” ordered the magician.

When Aladdin came home, there was no palace and no princess. Just Tomcil with his ears pulled back not happy with what went on. Aladdin guessed it must be the evil magician who had come to take revenge on him. All was not lost, Aladdin had a ring that the magician had given to him. Aladdin pulled out that ring and rubbed it. Another genie appeared. Aladdin said, “Take me & Tomcil to my princess.”
Soon, They both were in Aqrabah, Baghdad with the princess. He found his lamp lying on a table next to the magician. Before the magician could react, Aladdin jumped for the lamp and got hold of it. As soon as he had the lamp, Aladdin rubbed it.
The genie appeared again and said, “My master, it is indeed good to serve you again. What is it that you wish?” “I want you to send this magician to another world so that he never harms anybody,” said Aladin. Aladdin’s wish was carried out, the evil magician disappeared forever.
The genie carried Aladdin, the princess and the palace back to China. As for Tomcil, on the way to China he asked Genie to drop him back to Indonesia, so he could go home and purr his story to his papa Arik & his mom Widhi . The Genie himself stayed with Aladdin for the rest of his storytelling for children aladdin


Aladdin and Tomcil Adventure | children’s books, storytelling & stories for kids
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